Some common questions about our angle USB lightning cables

Q: What if I don't like it?

A: Please return it (you pay return shipping) and we will issue you a full refund. We'd appreciate the comment why it didn't work for you, but it's not mandatory for the refund.

Q: Is it MFI?

A: Yes. It's designed with MFI chip inside the connector and tested at least on iOS 9, 10 and 11 (beta).

Q: What is MFI?

A: Wikipedia: MFI

Q: Is it a charging cable or data cable?

A: It's a fully functional cable that supports both charging and data. It will work with DJI app, it will sync with your Mac or Windows PC and it will charge.

Q: Will it work with my car/laptop/powerbank/etc?

A: If the original Apple cable works, this one will too. 

Q: Will it work with the DJI Spark? 

A: It appears that DJI Spark remote controller can work with iPad or iPhone over the USB OTG cable. You can use our cable with the appropriate Micro USB to USB OTG adapter (a few dollars on Amazon or Ebay). We haven't tested this configuration, the reliability of the combination greatly depends on the quality of the OTG adapter. We are currently working on the design of the Spark variety of the Mavic cable which will not require an adapter. Sign up for our newsletter for updates.

Q: I want the same, but Micro USB!

A: It's possible and I have a preliminary design that may work. Please sign up for the newsletter and don't forget to drop a message through the contact form that you are interested in one. If I get enough interest I can resume working on the Micro USB version.

Q: What about USB-C?

A: Please sign up for the newsletter for updates and leave a message through the contact form. It could be possible.